The EchoPathé Collective is the creative division of Vid-Atlantic Media Productions where we produce, showcase and curate selected works.

Boundaries; The End - Two people secretly rendezvous in the atomic age. As the bombs drop they become ghosts trapped in time.

A haunting poetic narrative directed by Edward Enciu. Produced by Adam Baron and Vid-Atlantic Media. Original Music by Kevin Yost

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Ghosts of the Salton Sea - A feature film 20 years in the making. Coming in early 2016.

A series of existential vignettes and testimonials set against the backdrop of the Salton Sea and Joshua Tree, California - A love letter to the Mojave and Sonoran desert that blurs the lines between documentary and fictional narrative. Based on real people and real events.

Produced by Vid-Atlantic Media Productions and Hi-Desert Sound. Featuring original music by Kevin Yost, Blue Foundation, Tobias Wilner & more.

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Salton Scenes - A photo book and essay collection that showcases still photography from the feature film Ghosts of the Salton Sea.

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