Near-Death Experiences  //  Found Footage  //  Missing People

Sonic Meanderings around the Salton Sea. A film 20 years in the making - based on true stories

A series of existential vignettes and testimonials set against the backdrop of the Salton Sea and Joshua Tree, California

Strange and mystical occurrences are known to happen in locations that lie below sea level; the Salton Sea is one of those places

A love letter to the Mojave desert echoing from two different decades


Dead Sea Calif poster BEACH WALKER 092017.jpg
Dead Sea Calif poster PHONE GIRL 092017.jpg
Dead Sea Calif poster SKATER 092017.jpg
Dead Sea Calif poster DOLL HEAD 092017.jpg

Produced by Vid-Atlantic Media Productions and Hi-Desert Sound. Featuring original music by Kevin Yost, Blue Foundation, Tobias Wilner & more

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Salton Scenes - A photo book and essay collection that showcases still photography from the feature film Dead Sea, California. Very limited numbers being produced. click to view more