Eddie Enciu: Director // Producer // Editor // Cinematographer

(never in that order, but occasionally all at once)

Edward Enciu currently heads our production department and is based in southern California.

Originally from the DC / Baltimore, Maryland area, my work in television and film has taken me around the world - behind the camera and speaking at various workshops.

In the early to mid 1990's I began documentary work in the DC/NYC skateboarding scene and for a major record company. I naturally moved in to filming, editing and producing for broadcast television and films. Now, with 20 professional years behind the camera as well as teaching, I comfortably wear many hats in a rapidly changing industry.

My ambition and passion for creating unique and moving images has won me numerous awards including an MTV VMA MoonMan!

I'm also known for developing new cinematographic devices and techniques, which has made me a go-to-guy for some of film & television's biggest names, networks and studios.


Production credits include: Warner Bros., HGTV, Bravo, NBC, MTV, Sony Music, Epic Records, Universal Music, C-SPAN, and many more. 

  Contact: eddie@vid-atlantic.com 301.202.VAMP (8267)


Contact: eddie@vid-atlantic.com

301.202.VAMP (8267)